“If you’re competing with us; you’re wasting your time” says pop Psquare group


The dynamic duo Peter and Paul Okoye just succeeded in sending a clean and clear message to their rival artistes.

The super pop group made it known that they have no competitors and whoever is competing with P-Square is just wasting precious time.

Paul Okeye, invited as a guest judge during a recent episode of Peter Okoye‘s reality TV show, ‘Dance With Peter’ said,
“I’m proud of this dude (Peter). When he brought up this idea of ‘Dance With Peter’ I doubted initially, but he stuck to his guns, and look at where we are now.”

“God made it possible. There’s also this thing about P-Square, we take our career serious. It started as fun, but it became business, and later, it became about the fans. Yes, we’re super stars, but you’re not a super star without super fans. We don’t have any competition, we only compete with ourselves. If you’re competing with P-Square, you’re wasting your time.”

P-Square have also announced ‘Dance With Peter’ will have a spin-off, ‘Sing With Paul’

If you missed the fourth episode of Peter Okoye’s recently premiered dance show ‘Dance With Peter (DWP),’ then catch up with video below.


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